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Excellent Burmese Fly Entombed in Large Amber Piece
Stock Number  ACBUR713

Name:   Fly (Prachycera)
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Amber Deposits
Location:  Myanmar (Burma)
Size:  Amber piece is over 1 inch across
Price:  $49.00

This is an excellent insect in Burmese Amber. It is a distinct Fly (Brachycera) from Myanmar. Amber from this area is Cretaceous in age, meaning it is from the time of the dinosaurs! This specimen has nice detail preserved - you can even see the long legs, Antennae, and venation on the wings! The fly is entombed within the large, colorful amber nugget. This is a very fine insect trapped in fossil ooze (large close-up photo is included free).

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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