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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Rare Flower with Stamens
Stock Number  ACDX302

Name:   Rare Flower with Stamens
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size:  Amber piece is 0.65 inches long
Price:  $149.00

Here is a very rare inclusion in amber. This is a Fossil Flower from the Oligocene deposits of the Dominican Republic. Plants, especially flowers, are rare occurrences in amber - they had to fall in or be blown into the amber, whereas insects could crawl or fly into the sap. This specimen has great detail. The individual petals are quite distinct, and the stem, or petiole, of the flower is intact. Many of the long stamens are visible, which is unusual. The large flower is easily seen in the polished piece of fossilized tree resin, along with an unusual Psocid. This is a wonderful example of an extremely scarce Hymenaea flower preserved in Domincan Amber (small close-up photo included for free).

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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