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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Four Worker Termites
Stock Number  ACDTEX1

Name:   Four Worker Termites
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size:  Amber piece is huge, 2 inches long!
Price:  $299.00

This is a very impressive amber fossil. It is a swarm of FOUR Worker Termites (Isoptera) and a Long-Legged Fly (Dolichopodidae) from the Dominican Republic. All four Termites are quite large and have great detail preserved. Each of the Termites is easily seen with the naked eye, and are nicely grouped within the huge amber piece. The Long-Legged Fly also displays well. But the real prize in this piece is the rare swarm of Termites. This is an excellent grouping of rare Worner Termites trapped in amber - a very collectible fossil (small close-up photo is included for free).

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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