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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Extremely Rare Weevil
Stock Number  ACDWE01

Name:   Weevil in Amber
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size:  Amber piece is 0.45 inches long
Price:  $189.00

This is a very distinct insect in amber. It is a complete Weevil found in the the Dominican Republic Amber Mines. This specimen has great detail preserved. The legs are extended, making for a nice display. And the defining feature, the long proboscis (snout) is wonderfully showcased. The Weevil is easily seen trapped within the honey-colored amber piece. This is a fabulous example of an extremely hard-to-find Weevil in amber (small close-up photo is included for free).

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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